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Mystery Tackle Box is the fishing gift that brings months of excitement to any fisherman!

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Printable Fishing Gift Certificates


MTB Gift Certificate

Available for bass, walleye, panfish, inshore saltwater, catfish, trout, and ice fishing.

About $25 of products monthly Print or email gift certificate


MTB Pro Gift Certificate

A premium monthly surprise. Available for bass, walleye and inshore saltwater.

About $40 of products monthly Print or email gift certificate


MTB Elite Gift Certificate

Exclusive baits and lures for the elite bass fisherman in your life.

About $60 of products monthly Print or email gift certificate


How Gifts Work

A Gift Plan
You get a
Gift Certificate
The recipient
The gift and customizes their box
You become the
Best Gifter
This side of the Mississippi


A great gift for fishermen

Everyone knows buying fishing gifts can be difficult. Fishermen are very picky about their fishing equipment and if you don't know the ins and outs of what they fish and where they fish then you probably will get them the wrong lures. But who wants to settle for a gift card every time you want to give a fishing gift?

Mystery Tackle Box is the perfect gift idea for any fisherman. It's a fun monthly subscription that allows anglers to get fishing products in the mail every month that are perfect for their fishing style. When the gift recipient redeems their gift certificate, they can set up an account using their own fishing preferences so you don't have to worry about picking the wrong fishing present and everyone is much happier.

Recommended by Karl Vondibble
Bassmaster Classic's Second All-Time Loudest Fan