record palomino

Pennsylvania Man Catches Potential Record Breaking Palomino Trout

Little Lehigh Creek in the Allentown Parkway in Pennsylvania on April 9, a man made a run at the record books. Mychael Althouse reeled in an (unofficial) 13 lb 11 oz Palomino which (if confirmed) would have been the new state record in Pennsylvania, eclipsing the 13 lb 8 oz mark.

record palomino


Since the previous record was caught by a kid at the time, Eli Borger of Palmerton, then 12 years old on Mahoning Creek, our new record holder decided to let the kid have his day, and did not submit the record for an official weigh in.

“I said he was probably like 14 years old,” Althouse says. “If I was 14 and I held the record for the biggest trout in Pennsylvania, it would probably mean a whole lot to me, so I told Brendan just let him have it.”

He caught the fish on 4 lb test with bread as his bait, a choice that has netted him tons of fish throughout his life fishing for trout on the east coast. He told the fight with this particular fish lasted almost 10 to 15 minutes, as the Palomino gave him a good run and he was afraid of the line snapping.

Palomino are an interesting fish, all coming from one mutant in the 1950’s in West Virginia. Bait Fisherman has a complete rundown on the history of these crazy looking fish with beautiful coloring, and how they came to be.


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