drone fish finder

Someone Invented A Drone Fish Finder That Basically Fishes For You

Here at MysteryTackleBox, we are all about innovation in the fishing game. When it comes to finding and catching fish, we think there are always new lures and ideas out there to help us out. But, this may have finally done a little too much.

The Power Ray Drone is “the perfect combination of virtual reality and fishing,” which seems like we’re combining two things that don’t need to be combined. That is like saying my sandwich was the perfect combination of ranch dressing and pancakes. Both things are awesome, but not when they’re in the same lane. At some point, you’re just standing on your boat playing a video game, right?

I’m all for using a fish finder, and there are definitely some apps out there we can use to help us catch fish, but there has to be a point where we’re not even fishing for sport. There are way too many parts of this video where he doesn’t even have his hand on his rod.

Fishing In 2017: Where You Use A Tablet Instead Of The Rod Right Next To You

This drone fish finder is certainly an impressive piece of technology, and I think it can help the modern commercial fishing industry GREATLY. But when it comes to sport angling, this is the equivalent of a robot finding and catching the fish for you, and then handing you the rod to just reel it in and take the picture before you throw it back, if that’s what this is.

What are your thoughts on this fish finding drone tablet contraption?