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The Wedge Plus Spinnerbait emits incredible vibration and flash that attracts fish. Plus, the variety of bright and natural color patterns, a realistic scale head with lifelike eyes and a silicone skirt make this a top quality spinnerbait. Oh yeah, it catches fish!

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  1. Great for easy use

    By millrod19 | 8/26/2015
    The lures are for my grandson ,he is now using a baitcaster reel. This lure was easy for him to throw an resulted in a nice fish.
  2. Great spinnerbait

    By Justin | 10/21/2013
    What can I say? Good quality spinnerbait that catches fish. Gotta love it.
  3. Well worth buying 2

    By Jared | 9/5/2013
    I really liked this spinnerbait and have caught largemouth, smallmouth, pike, crappie, and sheepshead with this spinner under many different conditions. The only problem I have had is that after a few fish the spinner was completely straightened out by fish and could not be bent back to its original bend. The great thing is that it still caught may fish after this even though it was bent in different directions.
  4. Nice spinnerbait!

    By Rodney | 8/2/2013
    I really like the quality of this bait from the skirt to the blades. All top notch! The profile looks great and the vibration is killer! Toss this baby around and see what happens. I've caught many bass since I got it from MTB!
  5. Another Spinner Bait

    By Anthony | 7/27/2013
    What can you say? It is a good spinner bait that stays level on faster retrieves. The skirt colors are great.
  6. It Catches Fish!

    By John | 7/26/2013
    This spinnerbait flat out catches fish. The only problem I found is that after a few fish the skirt can easily become torn or twisted and this certainly has an influence on the action. However, for the price, the lure catches fish. If you catch a lot of fish on one spinnerbait and it starts to tear or gets twisted, go out and buy another one. I like this lure because it flat out catches fish!
  7. love spinnerbaits

    By Memo | 7/26/2013
    I love to toss spinnerbaits along the banks or slow roll it deep by the weeds and it produces well. The only complaint I have is I always get clear water colors when ALL the lakes, ponds etc are all muddy or dirty in my area. Besides that stanleys has great baits with sharp hooks!
  8. Great

    By Richard | 7/26/2013
    I'm not a big spinnerbait guy but this one is just the right size and the double blades are deadly. Even in the murkiest waters this thing shines bright.
  9. Burner

    By Nate | 7/25/2013
    I am not a big spinner bait thrower but this is a good compact bait. I have caught a couple of largemouth on it and it has held up well. It also tracks through the water really well and you are able to burn it back to the boat.
  10. Great Action

    By KB | 7/25/2013
    Burning this spinner bait off the banks at my local lake was a great time. Until I broke it off after I set the hook on a big hawg.
  11. Versatility

    By Bass catcher | 7/25/2013
    Smaller and more compact. Very easy to keep right under the surface and produce a small wake. Also add a creature bait with ribbon tails to give u bigger profile and a good reel and pause retrieve.
  12. Black and red and gold

    By boyd | 7/25/2013
    This wedge bait has a heavy plating to last through seasons of fishing, an red minnow head to simulate a bit of blood, a variety of black and gold trailer ribbon. Adda craw or a wacky worm and you have a bait that will tempt both walleyes if jigged and that bass if he sees it scamper across the top of the water column.
  13. Another nice Stanley Spinner

    By Jason | 7/25/2013
    I have a bunch of Stanley spinner already and they do not disappoint. Perfect to throw with a slight chop just above the weedline.

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